Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Blue mountains

The Blue Mountains were last week and the scenery is quite spectacular.You might need to zoom in on this to get the Full detail, (Feedback on how the pictures look back home would be appreciated by the way.) This is the view from Echo peak at Katoomba. The three rocks on the left of the picture are the Three Sisters. Apparently a popular legend is that they are three daughters of a witch doctor who managed to lose his magic bone and failed to return them to human form once the danger passed (responsible parenting ehh) The Mountain in the Centre is the imaginatively named Mt Solitary with Jamieson Valley behind that. Just to the right is a small peak and if you zoom in you can see some rocks that if you squint looks a but like a castle. This is named in the same imaginative manner Ruined castle. It’s also the furthest point to which I walked out. Even in the Bush it is possible to find a women to pass the time with It also coincidentally is the site of the start of the longest conversation I have had in this country as it lasted 6 hours and through 3 pubs. Managing to convince the young Frenchwoman in question that us Scots are quite nice really in the process!

No idea what this actually is but it was a splash of colour in a very Brown country
I think this is an Eastern Water skink. Corrections welcome Appear to have reached the picture limit for a post

More later as I am heading south unless the visa comes through this afternoon

Some hope

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lets try this then

Hi there here are the promised photos! As they won’t yet let me work in this county I may as well do something interesting (as well as writing up of course)

First up are the obligatory Sydney Opera and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Conclusive proof that I am where I claim to be.

Anyway I might put up some night time photos but that would keep me out of the bars and I would like to continue the hunt for the truly great Aussie Beer. Enough of Sydney though for the time being. I just keep coming here in (so far) vain attempt to chase up the visa.

Australian Photos

Hi guys,
thought I would up load some photos for my friends to see rather than e-mailing copies to everyone. I'll add a few at a time.

Sadly I have discovered that I have a namesake that has already covered this area and written a book with some damn fine photos. If you are dissappointed in the quality here then you are looking for him I'm just playing here!

Neil Paton