Thursday, May 10, 2007


Been visiting Le Mont saint michel in Britany (or is it Normandy) the two being so different as Celine will remind me.
I did try to get to the top of the spire but a load of monks were quite keen that i didn't so in the interests of Scots french relaations I didn't

Still it is an impressive place and the views from out on the Bay are worth the walk.

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Parisian sights

I managed to escape the confines of the UK briefly this month. No jokes about not letting me back in now! With an expert guide I was shown some of the better sights of Paris and kept out of the worse bars.
This is a statue on the roof of the Grand Palais which I thought was quite cool however they have covered the eiffel tower in lights. I guessno piloy has an excuse for running into that now. especially with the searchlight affair on the top.

I must try and remember what this building is but there aresome very pretty buildings in Paris.

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