Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year Celebrations

New Year here was a novel experience. I was invited back to the farm up at Wallabadah. So in addition to 6am runs up hills (for which the family decided they had a mad Scotsman in the building) I have been feeding cattle in the morning. Medicating those that are sick and then drinking ‘til 2am. Still as the saying goes, no point in flying with the crows if you can’t soar with the eagles!
There is a hell of a lot of Skippies in the area. There are a lot less after Christmas as shooting Skippy appears to be a National obsession. And here I thought it was the National emblem (Oh wait it is the National emblem!) So in the evening we went shooting (or in my case shooting near them!) I think I gave one or two a Heart attack.
Other animals that are predated by the major primate carnivore in this area are pigs. So in true local tradition we went pig hunting one afternoon. Considering the beer intake it is probably best that this doesn’t involve guns at all. It involves these characters.

These are loaded up onto a Ute along with everyone who is out for a days hunting and they have seat belts. The humans don’t but who cares about them.

The dogs are there to find and hold the Pigs. What seems to happen is that they get to a spot where they can see pigs and then release the dogs. Then they chase after one until the dogs’ corner them. Then someone grabs the pig and kills it with a knife (See no guns). The pigs that are suitable for consumption are collected up and taken home.

I suspect from looking at the teeth the beer is needed for Dutch courage, especially as it sometimes involves crawling around the undergrowth. The undergrowth is inhabited by what I thought was the Australian Equivalent of Loch Ness monster, Snakes! But we came across this fellow.

He is venomous not quite dead and wrapped around my arm. This was an injured red bellied black Snake we found in the Scrub. There is a story that I am not going to share with you here to that.

So with a haul of pigs the crew head off to the pub

I promised someone a picture of me disappearing into the horizon, I am not sure this was what was in mind but you’ve got to take what you can get.

However the views and area where they hunt are spectacular.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Early morning runs

Hi once again and Happy New Year.
I've spent the New Year on An Aussie Farm and have taken the chance for early morning runs up hills. This may not surprise many of you. However the views here are worth it. More on what the locals get up to in these places later.