Saturday, November 11, 2006

Making it Simpler

Hi there,
A couple of people were having difficulty posting comments i have changed a setting or two so see how that works but I might change it back to registered users if its abused

Last day of the Holidays

its finally going to happen I am going to stop being a Tourist and do some work!!
Looking forward to seeing Dubbo for myself. I have a train at 7 tomorrow morniong so I might have a load of photos from that and the previous week in cairns but not sure when I can get the Laptop hooked up again but normal service will be resumed as soon as possible, when the credit card stops squeaking probably.
My parents are having difficulty seein this blog so when they finally get here everyone be nice and welcoming to the old dears ;-)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Chaos, Cairns and Copyright

Hello all,
Sorry you had to get all the piicies at once but I haven't been able to get this hooked up for ages. I will go back and expand on the tales over the next few weeks. Anyway I am in Cairns 'til Saturday and planning to get up to lots of Barrier Reef associated trouble. Especially as I nearly missed the plane here by being at the wrong airport! (Gold coast, Brisbane whats the difference)
High embarrasment factor there. And I have a diving course voucher that I can't use, good thing the auction I got it was fun. There are no courses starting tomorrow and I can't start after that due to flying BOO HISS!
Visited Surfers paradise briefly then went back to Byrons Bay. Surfer paradise is Horrible never ever go there!
Right you lot have been downloading these piccies I am informed. Thats not a problem as long as you put the correct acknowledgements, pretty please. I only mention this as I am being donated some pictures of Tasmania from Celine and if you want to copy them its only fair that you should ask her permission. Celine by the way is the French girl i ran into in the Blue Mountains. I've seen some of the pics and am longing to stich them into panoramas, Thanks Celine!!! She has refused to allow me to post her picture but if those piccies aren't in my mail box soon!!!
A traffic jam and I am miles from any where! The fairies in this garden weren't being very helpful

Ned Kelly was finally captured at this spot (When in Aus you have to!!)
However I don't understand this its at least 500km to the sea  Posted by Picasa
Cape Byron lighthouse The most easterly in Australia
Dolphins swim past the light house I saw a Ray as well but its a dark blob on the photos

Any further east than that point there I fall off the Continent Posted by Picasa
This is a Blow hole from seal rocks on Phillip Island.

 Posted by Picasa
A couple of wave sequence I am proud off! First a wave off Seal Rocks

 Posted by Picasa
This small child really doesn't want to go near that animal, no choice though!!
And Pam is finally caged though I hear they let her out
If you are coming to Phillip Island you have to have a picture of a Penguin!! Posted by Picasa
Honestly the come all the way to Oz and what do the go and look for. Be warned gratuitous hat pictures below

 Posted by Picasa
The twelve Apostles of which there were 8 that I could see, they keep losing them you see!

The Arches along the coast

Here be whales (apparently) Moby Dick was away for the Summer Posted by Picasa
Its not always sunny in Australia but there are some damn fine roads around here, pity about the views really! I mean the mountains get in the way of a very good looking piece of tarmac.
Cape Otway light house, at the end of a very fine ride
This coast is why the big light is needed

And no I didn't get lost on the way home!! well perhaps a little! Posted by Picasa

Travels on a Bike part 1

Now know you will find this hard to believe but I was mugged into taking this along the great Ocean road between Melbourne and Adelaide. I think I can fit a toothbrush in those boxes.
The accomodation is of course terrible, that room in the attic was mine by the way ;-)
Never mind the beaches we can live without those! And the waiting staff at Breakfast come and sit on your arm should you hang around for long enough

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