Saturday, January 20, 2007


Not the massive structures in Egypt, though they would be fun too. Pyramids is a card game that I was introduced to that I am going to get people to play at home. However in the interests of responsible drinking I won't post the rules here. Its fast, fun and simple to play but very deadly as I have found out to my cost!

I'm a what???

So you thought I might be a redneck ehhh? Can't think why apart from the beginnings of a sunburn that is.
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Hong Kong Airport

Hi all,
Getting home eventually kicking around in the airport wishing that the internal flights would allow me to have bought that bottle of rum. It probably wouldn't have made it to the UK anyway Might have to go hunt a Chinese beer and read the latest travel book " The God Delusion" flight doesn't take off til 1am any way..
I'll need the alcohol to get off the plane in Glasgow anyway as antifreeze.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Its cold up there.

I hear from My Parents that its cold up there in Scotland. Say it isn't so I may have to stay here.

Just for Pam

I have been looking for a good one of these ever since I got here. None of the rest have been quite so impressive. She's lovely!! I thought my good friend Pam would appreciate this.

Forgot to put a scale but she's about 5cm from leg tip to leg tip

Hope you are impressed Pam.

The last week

I have finished here at Narromine and its sad to leave but I better get on with the rest of the things I have to do instead of enjoying the work here.

Skippy has been having a bit of revenge against this boxer dog I really don't want to get kicked by a Kangaroo at all
Still I got it all wired into place and he looks (almost) normal now, he wasn't all that normal to begin with and I have now addicted him to heavy duty painkillers so he thinks I am his dealer as well.

Leaving party tomorrow so I will probably be very ill for the flight home not the first time :-)

Monday, January 15, 2007

Farm animal stuff

I've actually been a farm animal vet. It seems to be me giving advice as to whether I would feed this to my animals
I wouldn't

I have x rayed and removed the horns from this fella
And cut out an abscess from the flank of a small calf...

Of course Friday closing time has to be celebrated especially as we have been having a tough week!!
and in a celebration of Aussie optimism they call this a river

Mind you Skippy still seems to be enjoying the weather


To all the animals in New South Wales....

re change of life status.

Please not that there will be no changing of life status from living to living impaired (previously known as dead) without the proper paperwork being submitted. It has come to my attention that a number of unauthorised transitions have occurred. These have included a foal in the recent past. The equine species is therefore to consider itself on probation until further notice and will be under careful observation for further infraction. The canine population is also to consider itself under official warning at least one unauthorised attempt is being prevented tonight.
Both the bovine and ovine populations are to be complemented (unusually in the ovine case) for not attempting a change of life status without proper authorisation. The other species are to take note!

Proper authorisation can be gained from the nurses and the Veterinary staff in extreme circumstances, however please not in common with governmental policy 4 weeks notice will be required.

Your cooperation is appreciated

(Felines will of course do whatever they please as per usual)