Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Wandering Vet

The Wandering Vet
Hi guys. I am travelling down the Ocean Rd on a bike. I went into the bike shop and the conversation is as inevitable as a car crash! I will post the piccies and stories at the weekend. Looking forward to seeing familar faces at the weekend!!!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

An update.

Hello everybody,
Fortunately the visa came through on Friday afternoon. I am most relieved but in order to make any money out of this trip I will be staying over xmas and into the New year. I don't start in Dubbo until the 14th of November. However I might spend New Year on a beach or something. Been on Phillip Island for a few days now and will head down the ocean road tomorrow so more scenic piccies when i can hook up the laptop to the net.
Thinking of things to do while I am on the road, diving anyone.

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Especially for Kirsten Koalas and lots of them

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The whales are Humbacks if I didn't mention before! The only other identity I have here is a Grey Nurse shark can you guess which one that is.

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I will get all these up but I seem to have a 4 picture limit per post

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More pictures

Hi there I appear to have a limit on the pictures and as its a vetty thing to do I am putting up a lot of animal piccies today. Just for my mate Kirsten I am going to publish a lot of Koala pictures later
On Phillip Island today and back toMelbourne this afternoon. I will push along the ocean rd and be back in Melbourne for VTEC 2006 at the weekend

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A few new pictures

Hi all just a few mew ones on this post as having tech problems this morning. Still Visa through and can start work on the 14th in Dubbo, Cant wait.