Thursday, December 28, 2006

Boxing Day Races

I went racing on Boxing Day with the McGilchrist Boys as part of the Hangover cures!!
These are the Quirindi races (apologies for the spelling but its late). I wasn't gambling but I should have put money on way after midnight.

Merry Xmas

I don't in any way condone the giving of pets as Xmas pressies but when they are this cute it is tempting.
I am talking about the pups people get your minds out of the gutter
Any way I was off to Sarah Parents place for a party with some Shy retiring types ( We couldn't find them ;-) ) However The Farm looks like this.
And cattle are fed the same here as at Home though Cotton Seed is a major by product used here.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Xmas everyone!!!

Hi all I was going to put lots of pictures of Horses that are now unfortunately dead but that was too depressing.
So all I am going to put is Merry Christmas everyone, have a good time over the festive period.
More piccies and News next week

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Feathered friends

On my way to work last week I noticed these by the side of the Road

It certainly beats the number 37 bus to Bush

However I have to report that Gary the Galah was sadly jealous of these and flew off in a tantrum. He has yet to return!!! Though he is perhaps enjoying liberation

Best of luck to him!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A cute picture

To make up for the gruesome ones

Dog case (with gruesome photos)

This is an old Kelpie whose owner brought the poor mutt in yesterday "with a lump" obviously there are two guess what the rest of the pictures show!!!

As you might have guessed there were some fairly major blood vessels in there!!! It took me a while to get them all ligated

was left with a fairly large defect. I was 2 1/2 hours on this animal

Multiple layers of closure and walking sutures meant that I was able to close the wound.Its not the prettiest and I am worried about tension on the suture line, of course there is probably spread in other locations and there is no way all the cells were removed and, and and.......... that is for another day. I might persuade the owner to X-ray the chest and biopsy the lymph nodes when we get the histology back!!

and what you need to see when you have finished is a cup of coffee walking through the door in the hand of the surgery nurse.

Unlucky cat

A case report for the more Veterinary interested of you!!

Look away now if sqeamish!!!

An adult male tabby cat presented after being missing for 6 days with a severely damaged fore paw (See picture below). Pain control and antibiosis was administered and the animal fed watered and cage rested overnight before surgery. In the morning the cat was anaesthetised with medomitidine/Buprenorphine/Ketamine combination and maintained on Isoflourane.
The cat was given Hartmanns fluids IV throughout the procedure.

Amputation was carried out of the whole scapula for aesthetic reasons and to ensure removal of all necrotic tissue as well as avoiding future trauma to the site.
During the operation After transection of the racial nerve plexus but prior to closure cardiac and respiratory arrest occurred but were restarted following adrenaline administration and mechanical ventilation . The cat recovered consciousness but appeared to be in pain and developed respiratory distress. The animals level of consciousness deteriorated until breathing stopped. The animal was placed on a mechanical ventilator and O2 therapy instituted. Dopram sublingually and IV was administered, but no response was noted, cardiac failure occured an hour later but was rescued by adrenaline administration and reflexes improved but never went above pupillary dilation. After 5 hours monitoring (some 10hours after surgery) terminal cardiac arrest occurred and no recovery was attempted. The owner took the animal home and no post mortem was possible

Xmas Party

This is slightly confusing but the theme of the Xmas Party was Sporting Heroes, quite why these lovely Pirate Wenches were there I am not sure but we all invaded Don's Garden so I guess these two wenches and the rest of the pirate crew were usefulThey claimed to have been rowing past and just had to launch a broadside. They were expensive on the Grog too I hear.

I was for a brief and terrifying moment captured but lived up to the Ginger Ninja name and escaped the clutches.

Though the Olympian Gods were present (and have upgraded their look with shades!)

They presided over some Games as they do including some X rated Sock wrestling

Though a 3 to 1 disadvantage in numbers was I thought a little unfair ;-)
We ended up drinking in under the stars after a few of us landed in the pool and needed to dry off!!

Don and Sharron Provided hangover cures, BBQ breakfast mmmmm.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Random things

Its been a toughish week with xmas parties and things, especially the things as I had my second post op bleed of my career (so far) following a speying operation this week. Though she went home perfectly well after a day or two. I was still cursing a lot! Started when a ligature slipped and went downhill from there really.
Anyway this is Scooby at home which is fairly unusual for Scooby as he appears at the Clinic regularly. He isn't sick he just runs away from home and comes to visit. A wet nose in the back of the Knee while you are doing something else around the clinic lets you know he's arrived. We put him in a Kennel outside and the owners wander over when they have a minute to reclaim him. As I was going to the stables at his home last time I gave him a lift back. I suspect he would go anywhere in the car and be very happy about it.

In case you thought I escaped lab work, this is proof that I was doing ELISA. In this case a snake venom detection kit. One of the nurses dogs decided to eat a snake and we tested the blood, the second test where we read the instructions detected Brown snake venom.; Just don't ask what the dog was bitten by according to the first! Still we had no clinical signs so I think he must have been immune. Its not the first time he's done this!

Anyway Gary has been making friends again and this is Sarah Crosby with him. He looks quite content there.

Gary is with me in the flat for the weekend so he will likely be "helping" me as I write today.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

We have aquired a Clinic bird. This is Gary the Galah supervising Sarah at my Desk. He was handed in on Monday and we are thinking of keeping him around.

He's not to bright and fairly uncoordinated so we have to avoid the cats but he has cured Nat of her dislike of birds

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Clinic Characters

I was going to show you pictures of Sarah who is a body double in films, Jake a clinic Nurse and the new Clinic Gallah but blogger won't let me do what I did last night so I will try again tomorrow!
Goodnight all

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My office

For those of you in my old office back in the moredun institute I thought I would let you look at the office I run around in these days. Its pretty bloody dry out here. There has been a drought for the last 4 years and it literally hasn't rained in that time. The ground is all like this with no cover at all so that if it does come it will wash away all the top soil in a very short period. I might see this as they are predicting high rainfall in the next few weeks.
Farmers are investing in high tech means to get the best out of the water. I was shown around a maize farm where they run pipes under the plant lines to water the soil from below. Tissue and soil sampling allows control of rates and fertiliser application through the same system. Those farmers that aren't will probably have no crop to sell.
Cattle farmers don't have the same options in water control and feed is very scarce so prices are down and farmers are reluctant to get the vet out (the same story as home really). However soil appears to make up a lot of the faecal content here as grazing is right down to the soil. Even the horses are grazing bare paddocks and sand colic is a real possibility.

irresistable force vs immovable object

This is a pony I was called to treat a couple of days ago, Lesson number 1 in the horse care manual is don't run into it with your pick up and a addendum to lesson one is if you do call the vet asap. Leaving it 24 hours is a very bad idea. (probably not as bad as idea number 1 but still not good) If you do both of those things the hind leg will look something like this. The black bit is I believe bone!
Fortunately this horse is not showing pain at the moment but I don't know why, it should be in agony.
I was able to pass a finger into the joint space and a fairway up the tendons from the wound. You can see from the pictures how swollen it is around the joint.
On xray there appears to be whole bits of bone gone. The calcaneus has been sheared and pulled up the leg by the tendon I think and joint involvement is a distinct possibility
We decided to euthanase this horse on welfare grounds. However we had to wait for the owner to get back from hospital as he had broken his leg after falling off a motorbike that day.

Poor bloody horse!

Construction in Aus

The clinic in Narromine has had a rearrangement of the stables. Though instead of say taking them down in pieces and moving the pieces they decided to pick them up as a single building

So if you were in Narromine you might have been held up by a moving building.

It arrived in the practice garden with only minor damage from say trees roads fences, in fact anything that couldn't move really. Don, the Boss is desperately trying to keep it uptight but too late.

But its now finally at its new site and all we need to do is tie it down in case there is a strong breeze.

Monday, November 27, 2006


Its a well known fact that 79.9% of all statistics are made up on the spot and the remainder are invented after 5 minutes thought. I only say this as I appear to have multiplied or divided some of the results in the Thesis by the product of a random number generator. So for the weekend I have been pondering the genesis of these numbers and I am completely baffled.

Oh well It will come to me what I did........ Bloody Statistics.

The Veterinary side of my life is getting busier, a lot of that being because I have to drive huge distances to get anywhere. However there is the occasional honoured Guest in the Practice!

Though there were far more interesting things to do than stand still and get your picture taken, a scratch on the back from Amanda while you check out these boxes for instance.

However its always good to pamper the nurses to make sure you get that extra bit of special care. A back rub always goes down a treat!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Friendly links

I added a bunch of links for friends blogs to the left there. Have a look at those,
especially Hello world.
Leave a greeting as well while you are there!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thesis writing

Hi all.
Its time to get back to the thesis writing now that I have settled down for a while and can actually pay the mortgage!!
Still a pretty picture for you

The people I work with

I managed to fool some of the nurses into standing still for long enough to get their pictures

I am sure they have your sympathy for working with me!

Nat and Pebble, her dog

Lisa caught working!!!

More of Celines Pictures

More of celines pictures for you.

She has refused to allow me to post her picture up here and has in fact threatened my life if I do so, still it is tempting

I want to find this beach for myself

And there is what looks like a very good bike riding curve just here.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pictures from Celine

These are the long promised pictures from Celine or at least some of my favourites. I will try and annotate them but I am sure she will come in and correct me if I make a mess

The first three are from the mountains of Tasmania and I like them

This is the view from the top of the highest mountain in Tasmania and I did promise I would try and produce a collage but technical challenges have prevented it thus far, never fear we will get it done though.

This is from Tasmania and is the best example of a blow hole that I have seen yet!

Sydney night scene and if you look closely there is a pair of shoes hanging from the wires.

Not sure where this is from but I will find out.
More of Celines pictures soon and of my work colleagues as soon as the stand still for long enough