Monday, October 16, 2006

It’s Monday so it must be Melbourne!

If there is a more useless incompetent bunch than the immigration dept of Australia then I would be amazed to meet them. I am so annoyed at the performance of this particular organisation that I don’t even have the energy left to post the correct foul language. Suffice it to say that I am having to recalibrate from first world organisation to Third world bureaucracy. It is only now that they have started to ask for documents to be sent (actually I think they only looked at the file last week) Any way they are off and I am going to check my e-mail to see if they have got there act together yet, a vain hope I know but it gets me through the day
No good thoughts for the day…….

Hi guys this may be a shorter blog In the Aus sense than I wished! As the Visa has failed to arrive and in fact they now want the documentation that I offered two weeks ago the job may fall through. Giving serious consideration to coming home after VTEC 2006. Money considerations require that I work soon or certain people will find the flat being sold from under them. Though I may be able to sort something at the visa office tomorrow. I was planning to take it easy and finish the trip down the coast in a relaxed manner but now its up at the crack of dawn and into Melbourne and camp out at the visa office.

Still early morning Beach pictures:

Apparently you are supposed to park up at a campsite to spend the night but what can you do when the sunrise is this good! The top of a mountain near Eden at dawn, I parked up in a small park and crashed out until early light. Then moved on in case the police decide I was up to no good.

Another beach a few hundred k’s away early morning and not a soul!! Well there was a Wallaby but it was camera shy!

So here’s a shy Echinida (but too slow to run away)

Still no Koalas though. Maybe tomorrow


What you going to do in the pacific on a sat morning. But watch whales ?????
These pictures require no explanation

Travelling down the coast at a fairly relaxed pace and I picked up a hitchhiker from Japan. I have already forgotten the poor guys name. Remember kids this is dangerous so don’t try this at home, I do these things so you don’t have to!
So here I am in the coastal town of Eden with the van parked up in the local park (no signs say I can’t) waiting for the dawn to move on and see what the morning has to offer.
Hope everyone is working hard and remember I don’t want this tour honest I want to be at work!!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Once again we are on the road as the visa continues to be elusive as does the case officer. So while we are waiting and looing for things to do (This weekend I am not thesis writing) I got this little vehicle to return to Melbourne. For the ruinous price of $5 a day I can spend 4 days travelling the cost. While having no accommodation costs. Oh yes it’s their petrol too!

So a quick trip to Jervis bay is in order and a campsite in a Mangrove swamp.

Though to get there you have to cross this curios bridge

Anyway I managed to wander through the mangrove and thought that I was being really cunning as I managed to sneak up on a lot of crabs however these Muppets will be eaten in the morning as on closer examination I found that some sharper specimen was in the burrow and pushing these ones out to be eaten

After that I decided it was time to get a beer in the Husky pub. So the photographs got forgotten till the morning.