Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Official time

Hi all
the actual time is 3hours 27 minutes and 46 seconds! Its only a minute faster than the previous but still I am very pleased at that.

A very fine course this year although once again there are whole miles that I can't recollect just now

And I still cried at 22 miles


sciencemel said...

Cried at 22?

Edith said...

Well done Neil! Very impressive time. I saw you coming in while waiting for my team mate who jogged in at 4hr05min. You'd think with fresh legs every hour we would have been faster!!

Ginger Ninja said...

Thanks for that. I was quite pleased! Still cried at 22 miles.

sciencemel said...

Re: Our recent discussion of new and more painful ways to torture yourself:

All systems go for late-Feb 2008!